A Call to Faithfulness

Posted on September 6, 2017.

What would you do if you knew the future of Northside Baptist Church depended solely on your actions? If Sunday School and Worship Services were canceled when you could not be present, would Northside Baptist Church survive? If others coming to Sunday School and Worship Services depended solely on your invitations, would anyone ever come to church? If others gave based on how much you give would we be able to pay the power bill and mortgage? How many souls would be won to Jesus if you were the only one witnessing, on a daily basis?

I have news for you. As a member of Northside Baptist Church you do have a responsibility for the church’s future. You are not only responsible to your fellow church members, you are responsible to God. When you became a member of Northside Baptist Church, your membership was a commitment. Your faithfulness to support the church by being present is a large part of that commitment. The Scripture tells us that no man lives unto himself. Your faithfulness or lack of faithfulness has an impact on those in the church and on those outside the church. You are encouraging people to come into the church or you are encouraging them to stay away. Your faithfulness to be present is a blessing to others who come and a challenge to those who do not. It is your responsibility to be present and to seek others to do likewise. If all of our members would be faithful to come on Sundays, we would fill our buildings with praise.

A Call to Faithfulness,
Bro. Jerry