Faithful Through the Summer

Posted on June 6, 2018.

Did you know it is important for you to be faithful to the Lord even during the summer? You are to be faithful in your living, your worship and yes, your giving. We should give faithfully and cheerfully through your local church. For a Christian, redeemed, rescued, and Spirit Filled - tithing is important no matter the season.
1) Tithing reflects a minimum level of sacrifice. Giving was required under the Old Testament law. In the NT, we are called to give our lives as a "living sacrifice" (Romans 12:1). We offer our bodies, as the sacrifices for Jesus. Giving of our money is one way we demonstrate our lives are His. So when we look at a 10% gift, we are essentially subscribing to the "bare minimum" that was required in the OT. We should at least want to do the minimum, but we should push past that when we can and be people of generosity toward God.

2) Tithing reflects a consistent commitment to God's local work. Giving faithfully on a consistent basis through your local church is a profound statement. You are saying that you are "all in" with that local body of believers. You are committed to that local church, through thick and thin. You are saying, "I'm with this church. I'm standing by them." If you only give when prompted or when you feel good you're saying you'll be there when you feel like it. You are communicating, by your sporadic, giving patterns that you are not interested in being as committed to the Lord's work locally as Christ is to you. Real sacrifice, real obedience, real commitment involves long-term, consistent, faithful giving. On a more pragmatic note: your church needs regular, consistent givers to fund the Lord's work.       

3) A life of consistent, sacrificial giving results in spiritual blessings.  There is a joy in giving to God and a wonderful sense of release and trust. Be faithful this Summer !         

Praying for the faithful,

Bro. Jerry