Learning To Trust

Posted on August 23, 2017.

We need people of faith to stand up as a witness to our lost world. Abraham was such a man. He showed great faith in leaving his home in Ur for a land of promise. Abraham had some failures but his faith grew over the years. Of course, his great desire and prayer was for a son. He passed his thirties, forties and fifties and he still prayed for God to grant his heart’s desire. The years kept passing and though there was no son, Abraham kept praying. When he was over one hundred years of age, he continued to reach out in faith for a son. Then when there was absolutely no possibility for a child through the natural course of things, God stepped in and answered Abraham’s prayer. He and Sarah became the parents of a bouncing baby boy. This was the child of their prayers and their faith.

Fast forward fifteen years and Abraham is asked by God to take this child of promise and sacrifice him on an altar. Here is where we see the witness of a truly great faith. Abraham didn’t question. He simply trusted that God knew what He was doing. He was ready to offer his beloved son in the faith that God could raise him up again. This made his faith in leaving Ur seem like child’s play. My friend, God wants to grow your faith. Trusting Him today will give you the strength to trust Him tomorrow no matter how great the test. Abraham learned that the God who gave him a miracle child could care for what ever need he faced. That same God is ready to care for whatever you need if you will simply trust Him.

Learning to trust,
Bro. Jerry