Merry Christmas

Posted on December 20, 2017.

Here we are the week before Christmas. It seems impossible that this time is upon us so quickly. As Christmas comes our hearts are filled with thoughts of family and friends some living and some who have passed. Both the living and the dead bring all sorts of memories. May I encourage you to focus on those that are good? You do yourself nor your family any good by dwelling on people and situations that have gone wrong. Instead, make this season a season of rejoicing in all the blessings that have come your way. We are commanded in the Scriptures to always rejoice in the Lord and to give thanks in all things. While words mean different things to different people, I assure you God meant all when he said all. Now, sense we know God will never command us to do anything without also making the power available for us to accomplish that command. Since the com-mand is clear the power for rejoicing is available.

A joyful Christmas, like a joyful life is pretty much a matter of choice. I know life has its hurts and fears but the good news of this season is that our Lord has come. The thought of a loving God cares so much for us that he would leave Heaven’s glory for a lowly stable of hay and a cruel cross of wood should be able to lift our hearts above any difficulties that this life might contain. In Jesus, there is strength for today and a bright hope for tomorrow. The angels were right in proclaiming that through Jesus there can be peace on earth and good will toward men. This Christmas choose to celebrate the joy that Jesus makes possible.

Merry Christmas!
Bro. Jerry