Thankful For The Bible

Posted on March 14, 2018.

There are many people who have taken it on themselves to devalue the Bible. History proves the Bible to be a uniquely inspired and protected book. The Scripture itself proclaims that it was God-breathed, that is to mean the scripture was dictated by almighty God through the lives of earthly men. The Bible is God’s manual for the human race. It is the primary tool God has left to guide our lives in how to live and in how to have salvation. The accuracy of the texts across the centuries speaks to its divine revelation. 233 Old Testament manuscripts were found west of the Dead Sea in Qumran . These manuscripts were dated at 123 B.C, and are commonly referred to as the Dead Sea Scrolls. When these scrolls were translated and compared with modern texts of the Old Testament, it was discovered that they were identical. The only variations that occurred were in spelling differences. Over one thousand years of coping the Old Testament produced no major differences in the text or its meaning. As to the accuracy of the New Testament, no other ancient manuscript can approach its reliability. The earliest copy of the New Testament is a fragment of the Gospel of John dated to within 50 years of John writing it. Our modern Bibles have the same identical text. The Bible has been continually attacked, seized and burned, yet God has preserved it. You can trust the Bible for divine guidance in this fallen world.

Thankful for the Bible,
Bro. Jerry