Thankful For the Faithful

Posted on May 9, 2018.

I usually do not spend time rehashing our last Sunday but this week is different. I believe every Sunday is special, every message is important, and every decision is priceless. Sometimes God does something so unexpected that it blows our minds. This past Sunday was such an occasion and I hope you did not miss it!      We began the process of planning a new building to expand our ministry about 20 years ago. In those years we had grown to the point we could no longer draw new people to our worship services. We expanded our choir loft with two rows on the small main platform. The space was so cramped that we had to place the pulpit on its own stand in front. Chairs were added to the isles and to the front of the church. We were in two Worship services, which would continue for ten years. It still took an act of God to move us to actually build. Many of our people had come through hard financial times and could not see how a building of any type could be possible. When we did begin to move forward we found that the banks were on the side of our doubters. It took a year to find financing and that would only be available if we first raised half a million dollars. Some went along with our plans only because they saw no way for the first money to be raised. God was faithful. We reached the mark necessary to move forward. A church of everyday people moved forward trusting Jesus and we saw our 2 million dollar, Vision Center rise. From the first service, we have regularly surpassed the highest number that could be shoe-horned into our old building. More importantly we have been able to reach souls for our Lord that we would not have without this leap of faith. Every penny given had to come above our regular tithes and offerings and to God’s Glory it did. This past Sunday we saw a miracle completed and our debt dissolved. This has been a Victory in Jesus!     

Thankful for the faithful, 
Bro. Jerry