Watching For Allergies

Posted on April 11, 2018.

April has arrived and with it comes thoughts of spring, new growth, flowers and yes, pollen. Now for those of you who live without allergies, pollen brings nothing but a yellow powder on your car. That is not true for allergy sufferers. You see that yellow powder can cause great discomfort, head aches, runny noses, soar throats and sneezing to name just a few things.  It seems strange that something so harmless to many can be absolutely devastating to others. That is exactly how temptations are in the lives of believers. There are some things that may have absolutely no effect on your spiritual life that can lead someone else to fall away from the Lord and His desires. The apostle Paul challenges us to be careful that our lack of sensitivity to certain temptations do not become stumbling blocks for others. We are to live with others in mind. Our lives are to be conduits to the Lord’s service. We should seek to say and do things that will be encouragements to others in their spiritual journeys. If you know someone has a problem in an area, do not purposely put them harms way. In the Lord’s family we are our brother’s keeper.       Allergies seem to be worse in certain seasons. The spring is bad for some while others are hit in the fall. There are those who are sensitive in all seasons. It is best to watch out for our brothers and sisters in the Lord all the time. We can help each other stand for Jesus.               
Watching our for allergies, 
Bro. Jerry